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Alicia's Proposal

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1 Alicia's Proposal on Thu May 19, 2011 1:52 pm


Amending the Animal Welfare Act of 1966

Animal Welfare

Currently, the Animal Welfare Act of 1966 is the only federal law in the United States that regulates the treatments of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers. The Act has been amended six times: 1970, 1976, 1985, 1990, 2002, and 2007. It is enforced by the USDA, APHIS, and Animal Care agency.

The Act currently requires that if painful procedures are proposed, alternatives to the use of animals are considered and proper anesthetics and analgesics are used. It requires that institutions have an Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and an attending veterinarian with laboratory animal experience. It also enacts detailed rules for exercise of dogs and an establishment of an environmental enrichment program to encourage the psychological well being of nonhuman primates.

The Act excludes “(1) birds, rats of the genus Rattus, and mice of the genus Mus, bred for use in research, (2) horses not used for research purposes, and (3) other farm animals, such as, but not limited to livestock or poultry, used or intended for use as food or fiber, or livestock or poultry intended for use for improving animal nutrition, breeding, management, or production efficiency, or for improving the quality of food or fiber.”

Laboratory mice and rats are not regulated under the Animal Welfare Act. No cold-blooded vertebrates or invertebrates are covered, nor are any animals used for food.

Congress will amend the Animal Welfare Act to extend coverage of the Animal Welfare Act to all animals.

Animals will be better protected under federal law. Animal testing used for both pharmaceutical and cosmetic research purposes will be more regulated by the USDA. Birds, rats, and mice bred for research will be more humanely treated, and animals intended for use as food or fiber will be more kindly treated before being killed.

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2 Re: Alicia's Proposal on Tue May 24, 2011 2:01 pm

Alicia, good proposal. You should write out the full names of USDA and APHIS and then use the abbreviations thereafter (for formality's sake). Also, I think you should go harder in your justification; unlike YIG, this is a place to propose an argument, rather than just facts. Make the audience in favor of your proposal before you even get up for your introduction. Draw on their heartstrings; you're talking about unprotected, vulnerable, harmless animals. Even in your results, you can put in some cheesy plea about the humanity of America and all that jazz, if it's your style. You might want to know some numbers. You should know by now that if someone asks you a number in technical questions or con / pro debate, and you can't come up with one, it hurts your credibility even if that number is irrelevant. For example(s): how many animals are estimated to be under adverse conditions / how many animals die under unprotected conditions every year? Something like that. Anyway, good luck!

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