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Sam's Proposal

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1 Sam's Proposal on Thu May 19, 2011 2:10 pm


Ensuring Net Neutrality and Giving the FCC the Power to Regulate ISPs

FCC, Internet Commerce, Internet Communication

Net neutrality is a principle which advocates no restrictions by Internet Service Providers(ISPs) or governments on consumers\' access to networks that participate in the internet. Specifically, network neutrality would prevent restrictions on content, sites, platforms, the kinds of equipment that may be attached, or the modes of communication There are 239 million internet users in the United States, of which 90% participate in some type of internet communication, file sharing, and commerce. ISPs such as Comcast have attempted to limit the bandwidth provided to certain sites, and increase bandwidth provided to other sites. This allows ISPs to essentially censor websites that they wish to. The FCC(Federal Communications Commission) has attempted to regulate ISPs ability to do so, but in court challenges it has been ruled that they have not been given the power to do so.

1. Define Net Neutrality as it is stated above
2. Give the FCC the power to regulate ISPs and the internet in order to ensure internet freedom and net neutrality
3. Make it illegal to “tier” bandwidth. All bandwidth provided to sites as well as individuals must be equal
4. Give the FCC the power to receive and adjudicate complaints. Should ISPs be found to not be in compliance with certain laws and policies, they shall be fined
5. Ensure that end users always have a choice of what services to use, what sites to visit, and what programs to use
6. Impose more stringent punishments for illegal software piracy and intellectual copyright infringement as are defined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

If this proposal is adopted, it is expected that the internet will remain a free and open place, free of censorship. Also, it will expand the definition of free speech to include communications taking place using technology, something that has been long debated. The proposal will also help to discourage piracy and intellectual copyright infringement. Finally, this proposal will ensure that the FCC has the power to ensure that the internet remains a safe, free, and useful place for every United States citizen.

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