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Meg's Proposal

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1 Meg's Proposal on Thu May 19, 2011 1:26 pm


Regulating sale of military-grade firearms

Private citizens seeking to own automatic weapons

The second amendment to the US Constitution prohibits the government from disallowing firearms to the public for the sake of the public\'s need for protection. However, fully automatic weapons are completely irrelevant to this cause. No private citizen of the United States of America can claim that they need to have a fully automatic AK-47 because they need to protect themselves; a handgun will protect them just as well and pose a significantly smaller threat to society.
In light of recent tragedies like the shooting in Tucson, it is clear that reform must be made to our current system. The best course of action, therefore, is not to prohibit all guns, nor is it to allow them all. This proposal stands as a compromise between the two sides of the debate.

The federal government will authorize legislation that will effectively outlaw fully automatic weapons in the public sphere. Law enforcement and active-duty military will be allowed the same weapons they are now, strictly because their weapons are not technically owned by private citizens, rather the national government. The government will buy automatic weapons currently owned by private citizens for a percentage of current market value to be used for military training.

The idealistic result would be fewer tragedies like VA Tech or Tucson, but realistically, lunatics will still have access to guns, so it is unlikely that we will ever see the end of such events. However, this proposal will inhibit such lunatics from killing as many as quickly and deter them from such brash actions.
Furthermore we can expect a higher level of safety for our law-abiding citizens, no longer forced to worry about their neighbor\\\'s extensive collection of heavy-duty firearms.

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