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Taylor's Proposal

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1 Taylor's Proposal on Thu May 19, 2011 2:15 pm


A directive to public colleges and universities to allow faculty and students who hold valid CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) or other state firearm permits to carry their weapons on campus.

All public colleges and universities in the United States would be required to comply. This could only apply to those states that recognize CCW and other permits.

Concealed Carry is legal for two reasons: To protect oneself and to protect others when law enforcement cannot. College campuses have not proven immune to criminal gun violence; therefore it is unreasonable to assume that students on campus do not need a means to defend themselves. This proposal is not only reasonable but necessary to protect post-secondary students from gun violence.
The idea has been in existence for decades, and has been tested and proven in some U.S. states and other countries as well. Both Israel and Thailand adopted a similar policy encouraging teachers to carry weapons on campus in response to terrorism threats. Since this was passed in the mid-1970’s no students or faculty have been killed on Israeli campuses and Thailand has only suffered 2 student deaths. In fact, some attacks have been thwarted by armed faculty.
Additionally, the legal introduction of firearms on campus will not produce more violence because, after all, people are the killers, not the weapons. The people who will carry these concealed weapons have undergone state certification with their firearms and have been educated about firearm laws and liabilities, and have been subjected to thorough background checks prior to licensing. The authorities know more about them than the average individual on campus, and certainly more than anyone carrying illegally with the intent to do harm.

All public colleges and universities in the United States will be directed to alter their policies to allow students to carry their weapons on campus. The mode of carry (open versus concealed) allowed will depend upon the laws of the state in which the university is located. The students in question must have a valid CCW or open carry permit (as appropriate) from the state in which the university or college is located or a permit from a state which has permit reciprocity with the state where the university or college is located.

Bloody massacres like the Virginia Tech shooting of 2007 will be either preempted or curtailed by armed response from students and faculty or prevented by the presence of armed individuals. Students will feel safer knowing that educated and responsible armed students and faculty are present in nearly every part of the campus. They will no longer need to rely on security guards and campus police, who cannot be present everywhere, to protect them from violent individuals. This will not be the solution to school violence, but it will represent an important step toward the creation of a safer environment for American students.

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2 Re: Taylor's Proposal on Mon May 23, 2011 5:10 pm

Tay Tay, first off, why am I not surprised that your proposal is about guns? You know how the CONA system works, and I reckon you'll be subject to proposal sharing because this is a hot topic (not the clothes store) right now (if the other people are smart and they use your proposal, this could help move you through). Be ready for a) "Since when has the US modeled itself after Israel or Thailand!!??? (Spirit fingers!!!!!)", b) "Could you name some specific events in which attacks were 'thwarted?'", or c) "Some crazy could steal one of these weapons from someone who carries one." Your proposal is well organized, well argued, and a big issue. I expect nothing less from you. P.S. Good vocabulary. P.P.S. I actually recently saw a news crew at UT interviewing students about this. This IS a hot-button issue. Go Vols. P.P.P.S. Good luck!

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