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Max's Proposal

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1 Max's Proposal on Thu May 19, 2011 2:31 pm


Pakistani Diplomatic Reform

United states relations with Pakistan

In the past ten years the united states has given over nine billion dollars in militarily aid to Pakistan with an additional 3.6 billion in diplomatic and economic aid, making it in most years the fourth largest recipient of aid. In return, Pakistan has been asked to fight militant organizations operating inside its borders and stop antagonizing its neighbor India.
The Pakistani military has made some attempts, such as in 2008 and 2009, launching offensives into the Northwest frontier provinces to remove militants in its boarders. This only happened after the Pakistani Taliban got within 40 miles of Islamabad. But in other respects very little has been done. Because of this America started the very unpopular drone strikes in the NWFP. Also though the Pakistani military seems to be fighting the militants in the NWFP, Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligences has been funding and training militant organizations and militant groups fighting America in Afghanistan and India in Kashmir. Because of this, American funds are possibility being directly used to aid groups that are attacking our forces and those of our allies. In the past few weeks it has it has been revealed not only that Osama bin Laden had been living in a compound thirty miles from the Pakistani capital but also that Pakistan has been trying to convince the Afghan government to break with America and form an alliance with them and China. These are not the actions of an ally or partner but of a nation that is simply using us for our wealth.
With any other nation these offenses would warrant a cessation in aid but Pakistani is a unique case. She holds the world’s fifth largest nuclear arsenal and is critical if there is to ever be peace in the region. Furthermore, most of Pakistan’s military outside of ISI seems to be pro American and the civilian government could be won over with a mixture of effective aid and addressing of some critical complaints. Therefore what needs to happen is a revisal how and where aid is spent and how we deal with them diplomatically.

Cut all aid going to Inter-Services Intelligences.

Part of the aid that is currently being allotted to Pakistan’s military is to be shifted to developmental aid and to reconstruction efforts after the recent floods.

All aid going to the Pakistani military must be delivered in the form of goods not as grants.

Pakistan is to open negotiation with India over resolving the Kashmir border dispute before the end of 2012 or all military aid will cease and both nations are to demilitarize their borders.

In order for Pakistan to continue to receive military aid major progress must be made in the removal of all militant and terrorist groups residing in Pakistan. If Pakistan is deemed to be making significant progress the CIA will stop all drone strikes in Pakistani territory.

All non-humanitarian aid will be cut if it is revealed that Pakistan has continued to willingly fund, train, aid or shelter terrorist organizations.

The results of this are hard to predict. Pakistan’s government is extremely fractured and ISI is by some accounts the most powerful part of it. if these steps are implemented correctly it should help Americas image in the region because if Pakistan goes along with this plan we will be able to stop our drone strikes and we will be giving less aid to the military which has sometimes been seen as corrupt. This will also force Pakistan to make real action against the militants in its borders, which will remove a major safe haven for the afghan Taliban

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