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Parker's Proposal

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1 Parker's Proposal on Thu May 19, 2011 1:40 pm


A Proposal to Stimulate the Nursing Field

Nurses; nursing institutions; hospitals, surgery centers, clinics, and all other medical treatment facilities; medical practices

For over 10 years now, there has been a shortage in the nursing field in the United States that is growing worse each year and is expected to reach a peak in 2020. While the number of trained nurses has been increasing each year, the need for nurses has been growing faster. The current average age of nurses is just under 50, meaning that a large portion of the field is approaching the age of retirement. Meanwhile, the Baby Boomer population is aging, and the need for nursing will soon intensify as a result of this. Furthermore, a large problem within the nursing field is labor retention, as poor working condition often leads nurses to discontinue their employment. The recent recession has helped this problem to an extent, but not enough. Something needs to be done to stimulate the nursing field before the country finds itself severely lacking in health care professionals.

This proposal seeks to create a National Committee on the Nursing Shortage (NCNS) under the US Department of Labor. This committee will have the goal of researching the nursing shortage, developing plans of action, and working with nursing organizations and training institutions to correct the problem. The committee will be headed by a chairman, appointed by the Secretary of Labor. The NCNS will have an annual budget of $10 billion, which will be added to the annual budget of the Department of Labor and will be up for reevaluation of necessity every two years.

The creation of the National Committee on the Nursing Shortage will be expected to take solid steps towards alleviating the worsening nursing shortage. Actions taken by the NCNS may include funding of informational classes about the field, partnerships with nursing schools, partnerships with hospitals, or future plans for subsidizing of nursing salaries. The committee is expected to significantly increase the growth of the nursing field in the United States.

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