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Evan's Proposal

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1 Evan's Proposal on Thu May 19, 2011 1:41 pm


Prohibiting the establishment of collective-bargaining systems in all Public Schools

K-12 Students in Public Schools, Teachers and Teachers\\\' Unions, National and State Education Departments

Despite steady increases in education funding over the last three decades, scholarly performance in our public and private schools has flat-lined at below-average. Various educational reformers have searched for the key to success and all found different answers. However, all of these success stories have one common thread—they each recognize the importance of teachers in a child’s education. The median “good” teacher can teach three times as much as the median “bad” teacher. One good teacher can inspire a student throughout their entire education.

Unfortunately, under the current system good and bad teachers cannot be distinguished from one another. Teacher’s unions’ system of “collective bargaining” and tenure require that all teachers be treated exactly equal—regardless of their ability or performance. Thus, great teachers producing fantastic results must be paid the same as ineffective teachers. In addition, in forty-nine (49) states it is illegal to fire a teacher once they have achieved tenure, or a system of requirements that once achieved guarantees a permanent job at the school. The only way a teacher may be fired is through extreme sexual, financial, or physical misconduct. Terrible teachers, doing nothing to teach students, simply are impossible to fire.

This proposal would eradicate this rotten system of hiring and maintaining education in our public school systems. All public education systems are permitted to distinguish between individual teachers based strictly on performance. In addition, teachers deemed inadequate by the school board may be fired directly by the school board (not by school administrators directly). It would lighten teachers’ unions’ grips on public education by removing the systems of collective bargaining and tenure from public schools.

If passed, this proposal would allow great teachers to be awarded greatly for their performance, and would allow schools to remove ineffective teachers from their positions. By removing the power of unions in education, it could greatly reduce the cost of hiring and maintaining great teachers. It could revitalize the education system by making education a viable source of income for great teachers, encouraging teachers to continue to perform well. Overall, it could usher in a great increase in education efficiency.

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